The BMG360 IT department saw its surplus of Lenovo, Apple, and Dell computers as an opportunity to support education in the community. To help give students more access and exposure to technology, the team refurbished 28 lightly used desktop computers, 18 laptops, and 11 computer screens valued at over $27,000 to donate to the local school system in Shelton, CT, where their headquarters are located.

“I love passing computers to the next generation because I learned to use computers by building scrap ones with my dad,” said Tyler L., Lead IT Technician. “Everyone should get a chance to use and learn from technology.”

BMG360 IT team donates computers and other tech to Shelton Public Schools

Abdullah A, IT Operations Manager at BMG360, also shared why this donation means a lot to him: “Enriching education by contributing technology to our community amplifies learning possibilities, providing students with vital digital skills for a more promising future. You wouldn’t imagine how it was during the 90’s!”

Shelton Public Schools expressed gratitude toward the donation, saying it was greatly appreciated and could be immediately used to help replace some of its functional but aging equipment.

The team was inspired by the company’s annual Thanksgiving turkey donation this past fall, an annual BMG360 event for the past seven years. They didn’t want to see good equipment go to waste when it could be recycled into the community for a second life with the next generation. Giving back to the community is something that BMG360 has always found ways to do as a company, and the team is glad to continue that tradition with this donation.