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Sparking Business Growth Across Channels and Industries

Dive into our case studies and see how we’ve helped clients grow their business with lasting results.

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High-End Online Furniture

A lift test matching zip codes to Shopify sales data drives 1.60x ROAS and 106% incremental lift in site traffic and engagement from OTT advertising

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National Telemedicine Provider

Match-back Analysis Shows 30% More Directly Attributable Sales Across 25K Initial Text Responses in Radio and Text CTA Campaign

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AI Presentation Software Brand

Unlocking Year-over-Year Growth in Organic Traffic and Website Visibility with SEO

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Subscription e-Comm Brand

Increasing Conversion Rates by 50% with User-Generated Content and Landing Page Optimization for Subscription e-Comm Brand

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Pre-Fab Backyard Home Builder

Increasing Leads by 136% with Social Media Advertising and Landing Page Optimization for Pre-fab Backyard Home Builder

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Home Healthcare

Boosting conversion rates by 300% with radio, direct mail, and CTV for leading US healthcare client

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Fitness Education

Using creative optimization and audio and digital channels, we drove a 40% conversion rate increase and a 10x increase in annual revenue

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Home Entertainment Systems

Driving brand awareness and a 23% conversion incremental lift with OTT advertising for a global home entertainment systems client

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Cash-Back App

Using a multi-channel audio strategy and creative optimized for unique target audiences, we grew our client’s market footprint by 350% with a 950% increase in app signups

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Self Care App

Google Premier Partner Award-winning app advertising campaign drove 2x more high-value users and lowered cost per trial by 85%

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Industrial Building Supplier

Increasing lead volume by 50% for a major steel building supplier

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Meal Kit Service

Driving a 3x increase in response rate and 65% decrease in cost per acquisition for a leading meal kit delivery service

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