Connected Television/OTT

Reach the growing streaming audience across all devices in households locally or nationally.

“Not clickable” doesn’t mean “not measurable.”

Using the right combination of advanced targeting capabilities, programmatic media buying, and incremental lift testing, we can reach a more relevant audience on whichever OTT service they may be using, eliminating ad spend waste. Once your ads are running, we’ll track and monitor performance in real-time, and make immediate adjustments to your targeting selections to optimize ROAS.

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    Precise targeting capabilities

    Reach the right audience using a robust mix of targeting capabilities including geographic, demographic, behavioral, first, and third-party targeting. Layer and create lookalike audiences from lists or target audiences, and use cross-device retargeting to drive conversions.

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    Cross-device attribution

    Get a holistic view of conversions and audience behavior across devices using pixels and our household identity graph.

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    Premier partnerships that drive performance

    Our premium partnerships allow us to serve your ads across traditional networks and trusted OTT services that align with your brand and audience. Hulu, Roku, Peacock/NBC, Paramount +, Tubi, Sling, Fubo, Warner Bros/Discovery, Pluto, and many more.

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    High-impact visual creative

    Our SAG/AFTRA-licensed creative team has 20 years of experience building video ads to drive performance. In-house creative means your ads can be launched to market with speed and efficiency while being consistently tested and optimized for greater effectiveness.

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    Centralized data and custom dashboards

    Custom-built dashboard provides easy, real-time view of campaign performance across media channels.

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    Always-on incrementality testing

    Incrementality testing provides insight into the true incremental impact of your ad spend. This data informs our decision making and further improves our optimization efforts to drive net new customers for your brand.

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    Household Identity Graph

    We use more than just IP addresses. We leverage first party data combined with variety of digital identifiers to accurately tie all devices to a household for targeting and attribution.

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    The power of programmatic media buying

    Improve buying efficiency and determine optimal exposure rate for top performance across streaming services, audiences and devices. Programmatic media buying also allows for quick campaign adjustments such as creative swaps, targeting, or budget changes.

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