Our clients across industries always seek innovative and effective ways to market their products and services. To help them stand out from the competition and increase demand, we use a combination of offline, digital, and integrated marketing techniques, and we continuously test and refine our strategies to ensure they are efficient and effective.

We recently achieved a great success story by using direct mail to help a healthcare company enhance its market presence and acquire new customers.

Here’s a look at the approach we took and the impact of using direct mail as a marketing tool in the healthcare industry.

Background and Goals

Our client is a well-known player in the healthcare industry, specializing in providing high-quality products for incontinence. They improve the lives of the elderly with discreet and effective solutions that cater to their unique needs.

Incontinence products are in high demand in the healthcare industry, particularly with the growing elderly population, and the primary objective of our direct mail campaign was to increase the company's market presence and acquire new customers within that demographic.

Our campaign, which targeted individuals aged 65 and above, aimed to not only boost overall sales, but also significantly expand the base of new customers. We focused our efforts on areas that were densely populated by the target audience to ensure maximum reach and impact.

Our Strategy

Target Audience

Our direct mail campaign specifically targeted seniors aged 65 and older, as well as their caregivers. We chose this demographic because of their higher likelihood of needing incontinence products and their preference for traditional mail communication.

Creative Approach

Acknowledging the sensitive nature of the client's incontinence products, we meticulously crafted the campaign to prioritize discretion.

The external packaging of the mailers, designed by our team, was intentionally unobtrusive and nondescript, safeguarding the privacy of recipients and minimizing any potential discomfort.

Inside, the messaging was empathetic and respectful, highlighting the comfort, dignity, and independence the products offer.

Our design approach ensured that the mailers were clear, easy to read, and featured imagery that was relatable to the senior audience, all while upholding the utmost confidentiality and sensitivity towards the subject matter.

Distribution Strategy

We sent out quarterly mailers to a curated list of households in areas with a high concentration of seniors.

Integration with Other Channels

Alongside our focused direct mail campaign, our work also extended to supporting efforts in other marketing departments, including TV advertising, social media ads, and SEO strategy.

While each channel was managed with its specific objectives and metrics, our overarching aim was to ensure a cohesive and unified brand presence across all platforms. The synergies between these channels, though operating with distinct strategies and timelines, collectively contributed to reinforcing the client's brand narrative and market presence.

This multi-faceted approach reflects our commitment to integrated marketing solutions, adapting to diverse channels while maintaining a consistent brand message.

The Results

The campaign led to a remarkable 147% increase in revenue, indicating the significant impact of the campaign on sales performance.

The Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) increased by 133%, indicating a highly efficient and effective use of the advertising budget.

The Average Order Value (AOV) rose by 130%, suggesting that not only were more customers engaged, but they were also spending more per transaction.

Overall, the campaign has successfully increased brand awareness and driven substantial growth in the target demographic, as evidenced by impressive figures.

Encouraged by the success of this campaign, future marketing strategies will continue to integrate direct mail, with an increased focus on personalization and region-specific targeting to further enhance customer engagement and sales.