From whiteboard brainstorming that brings ideas to life, to fully equipped production and post-production spaces that ensure every detail shines, our studio is the heartbeat of our creative process.

We've carefully curated this space not only to inspire our team and nurture collaboration but also to enhance our employees' lifestyles and deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients.

A Studio Design Inspired by Our Workflow

When we designed the studio, we wanted to organize the space in a way that fuels our creativity and efficiency. The studio is divided into distinct segments, each dedicated to a core aspect of our work: planning and storyboarding; production; and post-production. In our studio, this translates into three spaces: a strategizing station full of whiteboards; technical, soundproof spaces for production, and an open-desk floorplan to promote a collaborative post-production atmosphere.

Whiteboards for Planning, Strategizing, and Storyboarding

As a creative, you never know when an idea is going to strike you. And if you don't have a piece of paper, you might just write on whatever is closest to you…in my case, I’d grab a marker and write on the wall. And, as you can imagine, this didn’t go over too well in the office. Of course, we had whiteboards, but that wasn’t cutting it anymore – they would get messy, it was difficult for everyone to work around, and I really wanted the space to feel like it was fully functional.

This is where the concept of the whiteboard walls comes into play. The idea behind having dedicated areas as whiteboard walls was to create a practical solution. Whenever inspiration struck or an idea sparked creativity, there would always be a surface available. If you found yourself without a piece of paper, you could simply grab a marker and jot down your thoughts on the wall. These whiteboard walls foster collaboration. They’re expansive, providing ample space for people to stand together, collaborate, do things simultaneously, and really map out a big-picture plan for our clients.

two people writing on a whiteboard

Collaborative Spaces for Creation

Our production studio, which includes our video and sound booths was designed with privacy in mind, so that our actors, voice talent, and/or clients feel comfortable as they record. Our Soundbooth and production areas are fully soundproofed and enclosed, and the space is separate from the rest of the office and departments to make people feel more comfortable and foster a sense of collaboration and creativity.

We’ve outfitted this space with the best in audio and visual tech. This includes a full editing suite with 4K ultra-wide monitors, high-performance Apple or PC devices, and an entire locker of camera equipment that could make any filmmaker excited. We've even invested in 3D and compositing by adapting Unreal Engine 5 into our studio shoots. We have a large green screen cyc wall so we can film and audio record commercials and content from start to finish.

a filming studio

The other great thing about this space is that it's directly connected with our post-production space (more on that later) where our video and sound editors sit. So, this way, we can go immediately from filming something right into post-production. This is a rare feature that we felt was critical to making our process smooth and bringing added value to our clients and employees. A lot of times with agencies or production companies, a videographer typically films something (usually in a different space), then brings the content back to a studio or office, transfers all the files, or hands it off directly to unaffiliated editors.

In our space, there’s immediate access to the film, so we record content and it’s already right there with the post-production team (this space even allows our editors to see what we're doing, making their process even more effective and efficient).

Post-Production – An Atmosphere for Effectiveness

That leads us right into our post-production space, where the magic happens. This open floor concept has led to unique collaborative moments that even I could not have imagined.

open workspace

Having a tight-knit post-production team ensures that all content that leaves our workstation meets the highest standards and best practices. We've added project managers to ensure priorities are being managed properly while still balancing the overall workload—our project managers are directly connected with our editors. This way, as soon as a new project comes through, we can immediately get everyone on the same page with seamless communication and collaboration.

Our studio's design isn't just a product of aesthetics (though, with the coffee station, green wall, and lounge, I’d argue it IS the coolest space in the building…). It's a manifestation of our commitment to the art of creation; a space where both our employees and our clients can be collaborative, creative, comfortable, and productive.