Podcast advertising can be a game changer in building long-lasting relationships with your customers. Many of our clients are catching up on the trend and are using podcast advertising as a key element of their marketing strategies.

It's a great way to connect with your audience and create a strong brand presence. Plus, you get to tap into the loyal listenership of podcast hosts and leverage their credibility

Here's why to advertise on podcasts, and a few tips to make the most of podcast advertising for your brand.

Why is Podcast Advertising Effective?

Before diving in, here's why podcasts are such a powerful advertising tool:

They Have Broad Listenership

According to Statista, 62% of U.S. adults listen to podcasts, and 38% do so monthly. This extensive reach offers advertisers a vast, diverse audience with opportunities to pinpoint their ideal customers and tailor their messages accordingly. From true crime aficionados to politics buffs and sports enthusiasts to home cooks, the podcast landscape offers an array of audiences with targetable interests.

Audience Recall is Strong

Podcasts are an intimate medium. Listeners tune in during moments of uninterrupted focus, whether they're commuting, exercising, or simply unwinding, creating an ideal environment for retention. In an Edison survey, 86% of regular podcast listeners reported hearing a podcast ad – the highest recall rate of any channel. Amidst the ever-growing array of content vying for customers' attention, podcasts are uniquely positioned to cut through the noise.

They Foster Listeners' Goodwill

Consumers recognize that ads support the continued success of their favorite shows. As a result, brands stand to generate both exposure and goodwill by tapping into existing audiences receptive to their product.

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How to Advertise on Podcasts

If you're a brand professional versed in traditional advertising but have yet to dip your toes into podcasting, now's the time. Here's how you can get started:

Identify the Right Podcasts

If you're considering podcast advertising, the show's subject doesn't need to be directly related to your brand. However, it's essential to be creative and data-driven in selecting the best podcasts to drive conversions. Conduct demographic research using online analytics tools before starting with podcast advertising. Alternatively, you can work with an ad agency or network to place your ad on shows that match your target audience.

Choose Your Format

There are two main types of ads to choose from -- pre-produced and host-read "live" ads. Pre-produced ads offer complete creative control over your brand's voice and message. This format is especially useful for brands with a traditional radio presence, as it allows them to reuse audio ads with a modified CTA. Pre-produced ads also enable dynamic ad insertion (DAI), which means ads are inserted by the streaming platform instead of being "pre-baked," allowing for more targeted advertising. On the other hand, personalized, host-read ads leverage the host's established rapport and credibility with their audience. Both ad types have unique advantages, but your decision may ultimately be influenced by the format preferred by the shows you choose.

Craft Your Message

Podcast listeners value candor and authenticity more than traditional media audiences. Successful ads are typically stripped-back and conversational with room to breathe (in other words, minimize your word count)! Finally, include a clear CTA tailored for a tech-savvy audience, like a promo code or vanity URL. That way, you can reap the benefits of this campaign while gathering valuable insights for your next.

Podcast advertising is more than just a trend; it's a powerful channel that offers intimacy and engagement. The expanding adoption of DAI, new interactive advertising possibilities (see Spotify's visual CTA cards), and more granular listener analytics point towards a promising future for podcast advertising. Now is the time to tune in.

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