Driving brand awareness and a 23% conversion incremental lift with OTT advertising for a global home entertainment systems client

The Goal

A global client in the home entertainment systems business came to BMG360 with a goal to drive awareness within their niche audience targets just in time for Black Friday and the holiday season.

The Strategy

OTT advertising provides a strong opportunity to reach a specific target audience wherever they are streaming content, across all devices in the household. To meet our client’s goals of improving brand awareness against well-known brands in this category and driving conversions ahead of the holiday season, we built a strategy that would drive brand lift while still maintaining KPIs and full-funnel conversions.

We implemented a universal pixel to track all web traffic from homepage visits to purchases. To learn more about their audience, we used third-party data for targeting, while also retargeting exposed households.

To measure performance and allow for optimizations throughout the campaign, we ran an incrementality test and utilized our Household Identity Graph, which assigns a unique household ID to all devices within a household using both personal and digital identifiers and conversions from pixel fires across desktop/mobile devices are attributed back to the household identities of CTV-exposed viewers using the identity graph.

The Results

Our campaign drove significant results, meeting our client’s goals:

  • 17% homepage incremental lift
  • 23% conversion incremental lift in category/product views, checkouts, purchases
  • 108k incremental conversions
  • 6.2 million unique households reached
  • 17 million impressions served

We also ran a brand lift study comparing the brand recognition of our client compared to all competitors in their market. By the end of the campaign, our client’s brand landed third against other large home entertainment brands in the market.