Seamlessly tying together offline and online channels to expand reach and conversions

The Goal

A high-profile, venture-backed healthcare company came to us with the goal to grow its client base, drive brand awareness, and boost full-funnel conversion rates.

The Strategy

Starting strong with TV, Radio, and Direct Mail

Building on early success with radio campaigns for our client in 2019, we strategically expanded our channel strategy, adding TV. Over a 36-month period, we added television markets while continuously testing, evaluating, and scaling to expand into 25 new markets.

Based on the success of the radio and TV campaigns, we began a Direct Mail campaign, knowing that this would provide a powerful boost in brand awareness and recall. The positive return on this effort drove an increase in the client’s direct mail investment in 2022 and served as the catalyst for adding more channels to the mix.

Leveraging multi-channel success and advanced targeting OTT/Programmatic Display advertising

With the growing popularity and results many of our clients are seeing from OTT advertising, we moved forward with the implementation of a robust OTT campaign at 200% growth in investment for the first half of 2022.

Using the advanced targeting capabilities of our OTT/programmatic display advertising platform, we implemented various targeting strategies:

  • We tapped into a first-party direct mail list provided by the client to target individual users within our Household Identity Graph on a zip code level.
  • We built custom look-a-like audiences to reach a wider, yet still relevant audience.
  • Using web traffic pixels, we also introduced display ad retargeting campaigns at a low spend to test its effectiveness.

The Results

In 2020, our TV and radio multi-channel approach increased conversions for the client by 300%, and another 47% in 2021.

In 2022, we leveraged our in-house first-party media database to target contacts from the direct mail campaign and reach those same users via CTV/OTT channels. We found this produced notable results:

  • 43 markets and 20 million households reached
  • 115 million impressions served at sub $13 CPM
  • 27,000 conversions at sub $50 cost per conversion
  • 96% video completion rate

Our programmatic display retargeting efforts (display banner ads) in 2022 drove 46% of final conversions and dropped our client's CPM by 40%.