The Goal

Our client in the telemedicine space came to us with a goal to increase brand awareness and reach, and convert new customers using radio.

The Strategy

We began by working with the client to gain an understanding of their target customer. Based on consideration of the target customer’s lifestyle and motivations, we tested radio styles and messaging crafted specifically to resonate with the right audience.

We then ran two head-to-head tests on local radio with a near national footprint, using a text-based CTA to drive the target customer to a unique landing page to sign up. This proved the winning creative and messaging for optimization.

The text call-to-action to a unique landing page is a proven tactic that allows for reliable tracking and attribution, and we were able to track the number of responses to measure the success of the campaign as well as gather insight to segment the audience based on their interests and behavior and optimize for more targeted campaigns.

The Results

Our campaign generated 25k direct responses (texts) since the campaign started, with the match-back analysis finding an additional 30% uplift in sales from what was reported through the directly attributable SMS funnel.

We were also able to decrease the cost per sale by 25%.

Want to learn more about using a text CTA to a unique landing page, and using a match-back analysis strategy to increase sales, get in touch below, we'd love to hear from you!