A common challenge that brings new clients to us is the struggle to convert users once they've clicked on their ad. One of the first places we look to solve this challenge is their landing page.

Our highly skilled CRO team creates landing pages quickly that are optimized for paid traffic. We continually test these pages with a mix of big swing and iterative tests to increase conversion rates.

Why should you care about the landing page experience? Increasing conversion rates helps your growth member/team scale accounts and increase spend. Other positive impacts of CRO can include an increase in average order value, increased revenue, and decreased bounce rates.

Top Landing Page Templates

When thinking about which landing page template you want to test, you need to determine the template that’s the best fit for the channel, product/service, and primary KPI. Try taking a channel-specific approach based on the user’s intent. Are they searching for something specific?

1. Overview

An overview page is perfect for upper-funnel traffic. If you have a product with a high price point, the cost may detract them before having a better understanding of the product or service. Instead of immediately showing the user the price of your product, an overview page allows you to educate them on why they need your product or service. That way when they do see the price, they’ll have a better understanding of why that price is justified. 

"overview" template landing page example

2. Listicle

A listicle is a design that helps your audience scan the information without feeling overwhelmed. You’re giving them reasons why your product or service is worthy of their attention in a digestible way. This gives you a chance to answer FAQs from previous customers and draw the reader in without too much copy.

listicle landing page template example

3. Quizzes

Having a quiz on your landing page is a great way to generate warm leads. Allowing the user to take a quiz is interactive, fun, and personalizes their experience on your website. We have a variety of quiz templates, including embedded quizzes and single-page and multi-page quiz templates. Each is pretty self-explanatory - the single-page quiz is the entire quiz on one page whereas the multi-page quiz takes the user to a new page for each question. An embedded quiz is essentially a component that we can add to a new or existing landing page like a listicle or an overview page. We’ve seen great success in both D2C and lead gen clients.

quiz landing page template example

4. Article

An article page allows you to build trust and authority by discussing a topic related to your product or service. Articles are designed to educate the consumer and allow you to take multiple approaches to how you want to inform your audience. An article landing page is optimized to convert, so the copy needs to both educate and persuade.

article landing page template

5. Enhanced PDP (Product Detail Page)

An enhanced PDP is optimized for paid traffic. While a standard PDP is typically created for all traffic and users, an enhanced PDP is optimized for those coming to your website from an ad.

enhanced PDP landing page template example

6. Interstitial page

An interstitial page is a page in between the landing page and your site. It’s the page that offers a final opportunity to educate and upsell before checkout.

For example, you’re ordering some makeup from an ad that was served to you on Instagram. You clicked on the ad and you’re taken to a landing page to pick which product you’d like. Then when you go to checkout you’re taken to another page that offers an additional product that you may be interested in based on what’s already in your cart. That’s the interstitial page.

Some flow examples:

Ad --> LP --> Client site (where checkout or signup happens)

Ad --> LP --> Interstitial (for upsells/adding any additional info) --> Client site (where the purchase/checkout experience happens)

Interstitial landing page example

Proven Success

Client 1 - Listicle template implemented

  • Big swing - new listicle template - 4% lift
  • Iteration - new hero and added reviews - 8% lift
  • Iteration - shortened the hero to increase scroll depth & changed the CTA copy - 3% lift

Client 2 - Quiz flow template implemented

  • Big swing - new quiz flow - 49% lift
  • Iteration - added questions to build trust and gain insights - 18% lift
  • Iteration - changed the CTA - 61% lift

There are many different strategies for how to improve your conversion rates for paid traffic. If you’re in need of assistance with your landing page strategy, please reach out. Our expert CRO team is ready to help your brand. Get in touch here.