Using a multi-channel audio strategy, and optimizing unique creatives to activate different target audiences, we significantly grow our client’s market footprint by 350% while achieving a 950% increase in new app account signups

The Goal

A cash-back savings app came to us with the goal to drive significant and rapid market expansion and user growth while maintaining performance KPIs.

The Strategy

We began by running one creative variation in two markets with roughly $10k spend per week. This allowed us to start to generate data for our client, providing valuable learnings about the target user behavior.

Scaling growth from test phase insights

Quickly learning that our test phase drove strong response and conversion, we used the insights gathered from the test phase and expanded our client’s campaign into 10 additional radio markets, added local DJ endorsements, and began testing new creative, targeting different customer segments. We saw sign-ups and conversion rates consistently grow and scale with our media spend increase.

As we continued to scale, expanding our client’s market footprint into 30 markets and launching on national media channels, we saw strong results. Cost per sign-up decreased while sign-ups doubled, a success that served as a springboard into an aggressive growth phase.

Achieving a consistent top 10 advertiser in the US

During this phase, we expanded into 170 markets and added podcasting and national host endorsements. This effort categorized our client as a consistent top 10 advertiser in the US and drove 500k new, incremental sign-ups.

Optimizing for market efficiency

Our focus shifted to market efficiency, reducing to 100 markets with the highest ROI. Aligning with our client’s rebrand, we added local TV/OTT with 30+ creative variations. We exceeded 1M sign-ups with conversion rates remaining constant.

The Results

By utilizing a multi-channel audio approach and tailoring our creative content to appeal to specific target audiences, we were able to substantially increase our client's market reach by 350%. Additionally, we achieved an impressive 950% boost in new account signups for their app.

  • 350% market footprint growth
  • 1,000% campaign budget growth
  • 950% account sign-up growth