Using a proactive creative optimization strategy and combining radio with streaming audio and digital channels, we drove a 40% increase in response-to-lead conversion rate and a 10x increase in annual revenue

The Goal

Some combinations of ad channels work better together than others, and what works for one business might not work for another. But, implementing, testing, and monitoring campaigns across channels—and knowing how (or having the time) to test and analyze data to understand which channels and combinations work—are common challenges for brands. One of our core tenets is helping clients tie together offline and online channels in seamless, high-impact ways.

With this in mind, the leading global personal trainer education and certification organization came to us with a vision to increase conversions and overall business growth.

The Strategy

Our approach was to begin by testing and optimizing TV and radio advertising for the client using a text response call to action (CTA) and gather the insight needed to scale up our strategy, adding channels and optimizing creative. Using our marketing intelligence platform, we would capture data (phone numbers, detailed demographics, etc.) via the inbound texts, and leverage the data collected to retarget individuals (who did not initially convert) on search and social channels. This would allow us to efficiently increase conversions and maximize ROI for the client.

Testing and scaling with Radio, Streaming Audio, and TV

We began by successfully initiating a $10k branded radio test that included a text response CTA. Following the success of our initial radio test, the client quickly scaled the budget up to $25k/week in gross revenue, and we introduced a national streaming audio test.

Streaming audio proved to be another viable channel for reaching more potential customers, leading the client to again rapidly expand their radio budget to $100k/week in gross revenue. With this success, we added TV to the campaign.

At this point in the campaign, our real-time monitoring and optimization strategy helped us identify that the conversion to lead was low. To quickly improve the results, we implemented Chatbot technology that boosted the conversion rate by 27% while lowering cost per lead and doubling annual budgets year over year. 

Adding Paid Search, Social, and Sponsored Content

Following the introduction of sponsored articles posted on BMG’s own proprietary, targeted content websites, through our Social and Sponsored Content Network, we performed a test that generated 125k new leads within 12 months. With this momentum, the client moved 100% of its search and social optimization to us, and we saw an average monthly gross revenue of $725k.

Maintaining ROAS with efficient creative optimizations

Throughout the campaign, we looked closely at every step in the funnel to reduce the cost per response with creative optimizations. With our full-service in-house creative team, we were able to craft captivating ad sets across each channel as soon as they were added to our client's campaign, and we tested multiple creative variations for each ad format, optimizing along the way to ensure they were always at their peak performance level. This proactive approach sets us apart from other agencies and allows us to achieve results quickly and confidently.

The Results

Throughout the campaign, we maintained constant optimization across multiple channels, from creative and media, to spot drop/day-part and analysis. Utilizing these new forms of media alongside our already existing ones allowed us to quickly see a 40% response-to-lead conversion rate boost. Our campaign generated over 200k leads year over year, resulting in a 10x increase in client revenue.

“I’ve worked with BMG for over 10 years and across three consumer-facing businesses. Time and time again, the BMG team has gotten to the core principles that drive results. There is no other place I would want to send my business. They have delivered growth and results for me and will relentlessly work to help you succeed."

--CEO, Fitness Education Client