Developing and optimizing top-of-funnel topics relevant to the audience you’re trying to reach can help guide prospects through the sales funnel as they move from awareness to consideration and, eventually, decision-making. A strong top-of-funnel SEO strategy can help you expand your blog traffic, build brand awareness, and reach more prospects.

BMG360’s Senior SEO Strategist, Mark Aspillera, provides valuable insights on achieving these goals by concentrating on top-of-funnel keywords.

Here’s the lowdown on what you need to know about Top of Funnel keywords:


Brands that want to bring in new business, attract new customers, and increase their online presence benefit from a strong top-of-funnel SEO strategy.


Top-of-funnel keywords are general search terms that attract a broad audience in the early stages of the buyer's journey. They create awareness and help businesses introduce their brand to potential customers. These keywords are used in content marketing, SEO, and advertising strategies to guide customers through the subsequent stages of consideration and decision-making.


You should optimize any platforms where you have an online presence, i.e., your website, your social media channels, and online directories so that people can find you more easily on search engines (Google, Bing).


All the time! Evergreen SEO is so important. Here’s why: Ongoing SEO: Why it's Critical for Business Growth


Developing and optimizing top-of-funnel topics relevant to your target audience can help you expand blog traffic, build brand awareness, and establish your brand's authority in its industry -- helping you convince more people to become your customers and ultimately leading to more conversions!


If you're going for top-of-funnel leads who may not be aware of your business or services, you can create informative content focused on broad topics that will put your brand on their map. Informational articles answering specific customer questions, blog posts, website copy, and resources or guides to complex tasks your target audience often has are great places to start! Aim to increase brand authority and appeal to a broader customer base.

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