With the continual rise of cord-cutting and the growing popularity of streaming, CTV advertising could be the solution you're looking for. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of CTV, how it can help you future-proof your business, and when you should consider adding it to your marketing mix.

Here are ten great reasons (or signs that it's time) to invest in a CTV strategy:

1. Your core demographic audience is 18-49.

According to Nielsen, in 2023, U.S. audiences 18 and older (including the A55+ demographic) increased the time they consumed content on Connected TV devices by more than 20%, accounting for almost 40% of total TV usage.

Among younger audiences, CTV usage is even more dominant: 80.2% among 12-17-year-olds, 73.6% among 21-34-year-olds, and 56.8% among 25-54-year-olds.

This signifies that streaming is beginning to reach a more balanced and representative audience across demos compared to Linear.

So by adding CTV to your media mix, you will unlock the benefits of reaching your desired demo in a precision-based fashion. This will then assist you in achieving short and long-term brand health metric performance lift along with directly attributable results.

2. You’re hitting a performance plateau in your current campaigns.

A well-planned, hyper-targeted upper- and mid-funnel CTV strategy can help you reach and nurture highly qualified and in-market audiences with the power of video. Why? The halo effect that occurs from Top-of-Funnel Video towards Direct response channels positively impacts ad performance, incrementality, and ROI.

3. You want to try something innovative.

You are probably well aware of the growing migration of viewership to CTV, and if so, why wouldn’t you want to be on the apps and channels where your audiences are spending a high percentage of their time?

Our cross-functional teams can effectively test and make CTV work for you so you can step outside the box without getting outside your comfort zone.

4. You need stronger audience targeting options for upper-funnel video campaigns.

CTV allows us to target audiences in a myriad of ways, such as CRM Lists, Contextual, Genre, Demographic, HHI, Behavioral Data, Purchase Data, and Automatic Content Recognition.

By deploying a robust precision targeting strategy, we are able to mitigate media wastage, as found on traditional linear TV.

5. You want to boost the efficiency of your Paid Search campaigns.

CTV advertising has a positive impact on lower funnel channels such as Search. There is a mutually beneficial relationship between Video and Search. According to Google*/Magid Advisors, 80% of people say they typically switch between online search and video when researching a product or service. By deploying a CTV strategy, you are effectively helping your branded keyword campaigns.

Our tools and experts can quantify and measure the downstream impact of CTV across channels while leveraging path-to-conversion reporting, assisted conversions, incrementality, Match Market & holdout testing.

6. You want to preserve or gain market share in specific regions, DMAs, or Markets.

No matter how much you bid in highly competitive markets, efficiency, CAC, and ROI can be impacted if there is a lack of awareness of your brand, which would then contribute to low purchase consideration.

CTV is a perfect channel to help build awareness, favorability, and purchase intent against various audiences. By applying a Third-party brand lift study, we’ll be able to tie qualitative lift results with direct response performance, such as search lift and sales lift.

7. You are focused on driving foot traffic, e-commerce sales, and creating bespoke branding experiences.

Whether it is driving foot traffic to a brick-and-mortar location, generating e-comm sales, or developing immersive branding solutions, CTV provides marketers with creative options that deliver bespoke, shoppable, and interactive experiences that aim to reach qualified customers with the right message at the right time.

8. You rely only on Google and Meta to drive long-term success.

While Google and Meta are great channels to drive success, it's also important to consider the long-term impact of relying solely on these platforms. By exploring other options like CTV, you can benefit from advanced targeting and increased reach while providing your DR channels with a larger audience to re-engage with. This can ultimately contribute to your overall success and growth in a positive way.

9. You often run year-round promotions and discounts during high seasonal moments.

While many digital channels are fast to launch, CTV provides you the opportunity to launch new iterations of creative copy and updated end cards in a dynamic fashion. This allows you to improve your agility in the market while deploying vast amounts of bespoke messaging against your target audience.

10. You want to future-proof your business.

Collaborating with an agency that can successfully execute CTV campaigns in combination with your other channels and tactics is crucial. It's the only way to ensure long-term business growth. The right agency should be able to work with you as your strategic partner, provide solutions, build a preparedness strategy, and offer visibility and transparency throughout the process.

Get in touch with us to learn more about adding CTV to your performance marketing strategy!