Use linear TV to reach a large and diverse audience – but to maximize your impact, you can integrate linear TV with other channels, such as streaming TV, audio, or social media. This approach can make your message more powerful, improve brand recall, and help you get the most out of your investment. By using this method, you can effectively target your desired audience and establish a deeper connection with them, ensuring that each channel helps drive upper-funnel and/or lower-funnel actions.

Here are some great cross-channel campaign examples from 2023.

CTV + Linear

In order to improve your ad targeting and placement strategy, there are a few tactics that can be used.

One tactic is to utilize CTV and streaming data and analytics to strategically target ad placements toward the right viewers. Connected TV (CTV) allows for more precise targeting options based on demographics, interests, and behaviors, paving a shorter path to deliver an ad to your ideal consumer.

After reaching the desired audience, the tracking and measurement capabilities of CTV provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. This information can help you make informed decisions and overcome the challenges that still exist in the traditional linear space despite advances in technology.

Another tactic is partnering with streaming platforms to expand the reach of Linear TV content. This is beneficial to both sides of the TV landscape. Running both campaigns simultaneously can help advertisers capture the attention of viewers on different devices and platforms, leading to improved campaign performance and better return on investment (ROI).

Reach more viewers, target them more effectively, and ultimately achieve better results for their campaigns – it’s a winning combination!

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Linear TV and Audio

We know that TV reaches a wide audience – but to deliver extended reach and frequency, consider pairing your radio ads with TV ads. Recent data from Statista and MRI-Simmons indicates that radio has a wide reach, with 91% of Americans tuning in each week.

Both TV and radio offer expansive reach with National footprints and localized, geo-focused reach with DMA-level buys. Since different people consume media in different ways, running TV and radio simultaneously helps you maximize your total target audience.

By coordinating your ad schedules for both mediums, you can optimize your overall audience reach and maintain a consistent frequency of exposure to reinforce your message. We recommend airing ads simultaneously or staggering them strategically to ensure broader coverage throughout the day (but we always test to make sure we find the right schedule! For example, we know that TV primetime is typically evening hours, 8 PM-11 PM while radio's primetime is the AM and PM drive).

Audio ads provide the benefit of reaching your audience wherever they are or are going, but TV ads can be more interactive and engaging. They often include visuals and other elements that enhance storytelling to grab the viewer's attention. So, airing your audio ad first and then retargeting with a TV ad will reinforce your message and brand recall. This is especially effective if your ads have a strong visual component. Again, we always run creative tests to identify and fine-tune ads and optimize for impact.

Here are a few suggestions to get the most out of your campaigns when running TV and audio together.

TV and Paid Search & Social Media Marketing

Integrating TV campaigns with paid search and social media marketing can be a powerful strategy to enhance your overall marketing efforts. In a cross-channel initiative (traditional vs. digital, especially) the mass mediums like TV and audio will generate the overall reach – kicking off the Consideration Stage as an upper-funnel play, while the granular retargeting techniques of the digital world take the consumer from consideration to conversion, as a lower-funnel tactic.

Using a multi-channel approach and utilizing different mediums can strengthen our client's message and create a positive effect that will enhance the overall performance of the campaign.

At BMG360, our team has a great understanding of adjusting advertising budgets between different channels and using various tools to determine the best media mix for each campaign. Our individual and collective skills enable us to strike the perfect balance for optimal results.