What is Lo-fi content?

Lo-fi is short for low fidelity and describes content that embraces imperfections, simplicity, and raw or unpolished content. Lo-fi is not low quality but simply less bells and whistles to get the final product.

The lo-fi appeal lives in its organic nature. When the audience sees content that feels real, it resonates strongly and appeals to the viewer's ethos–resulting in an action.

And action is the bread and butter of successful content and performance marketing.

There are some simple ways to incorporate lo-fi content into your creative strategy.

Test Into TikTok Strategy

Consider TikTok as a platform to test if you haven’t already.

For so long, we’ve been inundated with highly polished, commercial-level content. A generation that was raised on YouTube and Instagram gets accustomed to perfection and flawless studio-worthy content. TikTok‘s rise in 2020 brought fresh energy and less pressure to perform.

Although TikTok offers lo-fi, high-fi, and everything in between, creators hit their stride when they’re able to master lo-fi content because consumers are tired of being sold to.

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Work With UGC and Micro-Influencers

If you’re used to working with Mid-tier to Mega influencers, it may be time to switch your creative model. While there is always a space for larger followings, the truth is that micro-influencers have higher engagement rates across the board and, on average, have higher conversion rates than larger influencers.

UGC creators are used mostly for their relaxed approach to content and work well with paid media strategies. When sourcing creators, we love to collaborate with creators who also have healthy engagement and community to tap into the benefits of micro-influence.

Collaborate with Creators on Brief

Our agency has an expert team of creative strategists who curate briefs based on individual brand needs, stories, and goals. When it comes to a lo-fi strategy, giving creators guidelines versus a full script lends itself to more authentic creative – after all, we have to trust that the creator understands their audience.

Source Creators Authentic to Your Brand

Finding the right creators to collaborate with is key when mapping out a lo-fi creative strategy. Creative will not feel organic and honest to consumers if the influencer isn’t a brand fit or can’t speak naturally to the product.