The Goal

Prior to engaging with us, our client had seen multiple months of consistent cost per lead (CPL) increases across various marketing channels. Their goal was to decrease CPLs while increasing overall lead quality across their markets.

In addition, we had to ensure that leads were being delivered to the right markets, with a focus on qualified opportunity volume at a regional level.

The Strategy

A Simplified Social Ad Campaign Structure to Boost Business Impact and Cost Efficiency

We proposed a simplified social advertising campaign structure that would allow us to better identify what changes drive real business impact. Our strategy included consolidated and regional campaigns that would allow us to turn the dial at a market level while still capturing cost efficiencies with fully consolidated campaigns.

Showcasing Authentic Experiences to Drive Authenticity and High-Intent Leads

Our creative strategy was underpinned by a transition away from high production value video to UGC “walkthrough” creative that would give viewers an authentic look at our client's units. We then edited customer testimonial assets into the ads to paint the complete picture, help overcome potential customer objections, and deliver higher intent leads.

Dynamic Onboarding Landing Pages Enhance User Experience and Personalized Sales Outreach

We developed an “onboarding” style landing page experience to replace the client’s existing static web form. The landing page was built with a focus on flexibility and is able to be embedded directly into static landing pages, or served as an independent, multi-page experience.

This allows us to test into the best-performing onboarding configuration at a per channel/campaign level, driving up the overall conversion rate across the board.

On the backend, we worked with the client to add new CRM fields to capture the responses from each onboarding question, powering down funnel segmentation and more personalized sales outreach. This allowed us to optimize our campaigns towards these events as opposed to just the upper funnel Lead form fill.

The Results

  • 136% increase in leads
  • 31% conversion rate increase
  • 119% increase in opportunities
  • 49% cost per lead decrease
  • 48% cost per opportunity decrease

All of this was accomplished while only increasing overall spend by 13%.