Earlier in the year, I wrote an article on the top 6 landing page templates to improve conversion rates. As we just wrapped the first half of the year, we reviewed what landing page templates are performing best and if we’re seeing any significant changes in terms of performance. Here’s what I found.

Listicles are Still a Top Performer in Paid Social Campaigns

For most clients, Listicles have proven to be the top-performing landing page template for paid social campaigns. Listicles, as the name suggests, present information in a list format, making it easy for users to digest and engage with the content.

These templates offer a structured and concise way to showcase products, services, or information while tapping into the psychology of curiosity and quick consumption. By providing valuable and actionable content, Listicles foster a sense of trust with the audience, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Multi-Page Quizzes for Lead-Generation Clients

Multi-Page Quiz landing pages continue to be high-converting for lead-gen clients. These quizzes are designed to be interactive and engaging, enabling businesses to capture valuable user data while providing personalized recommendations or insights.

Incorporating a quiz on your landing page presents an excellent opportunity to generate valuable warm leads and nurture prospects through the sales funnel, building a relationship with potential customers and increasing the chances of conversion. By leveraging gamification elements, businesses can keep their audience engaged, leading to higher conversion rates.

Our collection of quiz templates includes embedded quizzes, single-page, and multi-page options. Embedded quizzes serve as a versatile component that seamlessly integrates into new or existing landing pages, such as listicles or overview pages.

Embedded Quiz Templates - A Game-Changer for Lead Generation

Over the past year, we have moved more of these clients over to what we call Embedded Quiz templates. We most commonly embed quizzes into our Overview templates, but these templates can be embedded into any landing page layout, and present users with an overview page that seamlessly integrates a quiz flow section.

The Overview page sets the stage, capturing the user's attention and interest, while the quiz section engages and qualifies leads and keeps the user on the page and engaged until they are ready to convert or take the next step. The result is a holistic approach to lead generation that maximizes conversions and ensures a higher return on investment for businesses.

Multi-SKU Wins with Overview Templates

This year has seen an improvement in multi-SKU client success using Overview templates. Because this template allows us to present multiple products or services on a single landing page, we streamline the user experience and simplify decision-making. For example, by showcasing the best features and benefits of each SKU, creating category-specific pages, or featuring best-sellers, businesses can effectively cater to diverse customer needs and increase overall sales.

In summary, we found:

  • For the majority of clients, Listicles continue to dominate the paid social landscape, leveraging curiosity and concise information to drive conversions.
  • Multi-Page Quizzes continue to be the high-converting champion for lead generation, capturing valuable data, and building strong customer relationships.
  • A game-changer this year has been the introduction of Embedded Quiz templates, offering a seamless integration of Listicles and Quizzes to maximize lead generation efforts.
  • We have overcome historical challenges with the Multi-SKU goals using the Overview template, allowing us to effectively showcase clients’ multiple products or services on a single landing page.