When selling high-consideration products, the customer journey is vastly different from that of lower-cost goods typically found on eCommerce landing pages. Unlike more immediate purchases, these transactions involve significant investment and careful deliberation. Understanding these differences and tailoring your approach accordingly is crucial for capturing and converting high-consideration clients.

1. Plan for an Extended Customer Journey

Luxury items, major home services, or financial services are examples of processes that can span months while consumers research and evaluate their options.

As information continues to become more readily available online, customers are beginning their product research earlier. Having a website/landing page strategy for engaging with customers at different stages of the extended journey is important, like having multiple touchpoints. A customer discovering a product for the first time typically expects different content than someone who has been researching for months and is ready to schedule an appointment or purchase the product.

2. Provide Quality Information

Longer research phases result in more competitor discovery, and decision paralysis becomes particularly prevalent in high-consideration purchases. Many high-consideration products are also more complex and require a deeper understanding, which can make customers more cautious. This highlights the need to provide comprehensive and accessible information to ensure consumers understand the product and its full set of benefits.

Landing pages can focus on education so consumers can learn about products in detail. High-quality content, such as detailed product descriptions, quality images, product comparisons, and informative videos, can help consumers choose an option confidently and feel assured that their investment will meet their expectations.

Here are 6 landing page templates to improve conversion rates based on our testing over the years.

3. Focus on Building Trust

Ultimately, the key to selling high-consideration products online is instilling confidence in your consumers. High-consideration purchases often entail some level of risk and emotional decision-making. Because of the higher price points, there is more pressure to make the ‘right’ choice. Establishing trust with the brand instills confidence in the product's quality, reliability, and after-sales support.

Positive testimonials, excellent customer support, endorsements, and guarantees that show a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction can also foster confidence.

Using testimonials with the right combination of content and design has produced lifts as high as 37% for our national home services client.

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Remember this: To win over high-value clients, businesses must grasp the complete customer journey, offer detailed information, and build trust. Customizing strategies like creating a separate page for each step in the customer journey and adding a lock icon on a form submission button can make the buying experience better and improve the chances of winning their business.

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Cailin Ramsey is a Senior Manager of CRO at BMG360.

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