While many paid and organic tactics can increase website traffic, strong year-over-year growth requires a multi-faceted, dedicated approach developed for and targeted to the right audience.

We recently helped one of our clients go from minimal-to-no organic website traffic to massive year-over-year growth using a few different SEO tactics relying on the following methodologies:

  • Effective SEO involves balancing highly searched, commercially relevant head terms with specialized long-tail terms to maximize visibility across different customer segments.
  • It is crucial to view keyword rankings as topics and establish your brand as an authoritative figure in those areas.
  • Regularly updating key website pages is another critical factor in maintaining long-term SEO success, ensuring sustained visibility and ongoing customer engagement.

You can see the results in the case study here. In this blog post, we’ll share our recommendations based on the tactics we used, and get into the detail behind why they work.

Customer-Centric Resources to Increase Non-Branded Search Traffic

Create valuable resources tailored to your target customers to increase non-branded search traffic. By focusing on addressing their pain points and providing practical solutions, you establish yourself and/or your brand as a trusted source of information.

Examples of these resources are templates, checklists, guides, and e-books that provide actionable insights and value to the audience. These resources were optimized with relevant keywords and promoted through email marketing campaigns and social media platforms to increase visibility.

Thought Leadership through Data-Driven Insights

In the example of our recent client in the case study mentioned above, we emphasized building website strength by leveraging data-driven thought leadership. Through in-depth analysis and research, we crafted compelling content that showcased our client's expertise and industry knowledge. This approach helped them gain recognition as an authority in the AI presentation software space.

You can share this content on owned websites, blogs, and social media channels, or publish it across third-party sites and PR distribution services to further improve your reach and brand credibility.

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Optimizing Top-of-Funnel Topics

Developing and optimizing top-of-funnel topics relevant to the audience you’re trying to reach can help expand your blog traffic and build brand awareness. Aim to increase brand authority and appeal to a broader customer base by addressing themes that are relevant to your audience, like, in the case of our client, presentation creation, and collaboration.

Establishing Brand Authority

Ranking competitively for terms goes beyond focusing solely on keywords or content. It entails understanding the target topics and positioning the brand as an authority in those areas. Providing valuable insights and thought leadership content helps solidify this authority.

Continuous Updates for Long-Term Success

Regularly updating essential website pages plays a significant role in maintaining long-term SEO success. Keeping content relevant and up-to-date helps sustain organic growth and ensures continued engagement with the target audience.

Looking ahead, we are continuing to explore new tactics and strategies that can further improve our client's search engine visibility and drive even more year-over-year growth, especially as AI has entered the room. If you're interested in learning more about our SEO services, visit our website and schedule time to chat with us!