In many of the social media campaigns we run for clients, we see User Generated Content (UGC) outperform high-production value content. Specifically, with a recent client in the pre-fabricated home building space, we made a strategic shift from high-production videos to UGC "walkthrough" content and customer testimonials, and our campaign resulted in a 136% increase in leads while slashing the cost per lead by 49%. You can read the full case study here.

The Significance of UGC in Today's Marketing Landscape

A User Generated Content Strategy is proven to build trust and connection and can outperform other ad tactics in terms of driving a direct response. While high production value content builds trust and conversions by creating a sense of professionalism and scope of your brand, many consumers are looking for the authenticity and genuine experiences that you get with UGC.

UGC campaigns offer a unique opportunity to tap into this appeal by presenting real-life perspectives and narratives. For example, using UGC walkthrough content with our client mentioned above, we were able to provide viewers with an authentic look at our client’s units. This approach fostered a deeper connection with the audience, as they could relate to the genuine experiences shared by real customers.

What to Consider When Getting Started with UGC

  • Start with research. Just like with any other campaign medium or tactic, conduct research before beginning. In addition to defining the segment of your audience that your ads are most likely to resonate with, research UGC creators' past work, check out what your competitors are doing, and review your prior campaigns across channels to note what works and what doesn’t.
  • Partner with trusted creators. Working with an agency that frequently sources creators and can tap into their network can help you choose creators who are right for your brand.
  • Make your deliverables clear. When you’re sourcing creators for your UGC campaigns. Share detail like your brand identity and values, if you need them to include hashtags or links, room set-up, b-roll, whether or not you want text overlays or filters, etc.
  • Be strategic. It’s not just about getting the testimonial. While that certainly helps build brand trust, your ultimate goal is to drive more sales, so create the content in a way that makes your CTA clear and enticing (think: combine with a promo code, make the ad-to-landing page process smooth, and test different messaging and CTAs).

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  • Test and optimize constantly to make sure you’re identifying the most compelling UGC for maximum impact, and monitor your UGC campaigns for insights and feedback. This is another area where it’s helpful to work with an agency that is set up to test and optimize at scale.

The Bottom Line

Authenticity has become an invaluable asset in the realm of digital advertising, and a strong User Generated Content strategy is an effective way to build trust for your brand.

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