Here are the top 10 articles from our blog this year, with insights on ad spend, algorithms, campaign types, improving engagement, boosting sales, conversion rates, ad frequency, and leveraging TV for app marketing.

Reels vs. Feed Inventory on Facebook and Instagram: A Comparison of Ad Spend

Facebook and Instagram have been favoring Reels posts over Feed posts, a shift that inspired an analysis of the share of spend that both Reels and Stories consume. Here's a breakdown of our clients’ campaigns from May 2021 - May 2023 to help us understand the impact on our campaigns and shape our paid social strategies moving forward.

pMax Campaign Spend by Type Across 61 Ad Accounts

After analyzing 61 ad accounts, here are our insights into channel spend and conversion performance for digital marketers.

Advantage+ Campaigns: Is The Hype Over?

One of Meta’s newest campaign types, Advantage+, produced stellar performance when it first came out. But has that stellar performance since died off? We performed a number of split tests between ASC campaigns vs traditional (CBO or ABO) campaigns to see how they compare and shared the findings in this article.

How to Improve Your Hook Rate on TikTok and Instagram

Hook rate is critical: As long as people’s attention span continues to decrease, the hook remains one of the most important parts of advertising. This article talks about ways to improve your TikTok and Instagram game by making your content more engaging. It gives tips on how to increase the "hook" rate to keep your audience interested and coming back for more.

How to Boost Sales on Social Media Using Nested Sequences

Using nests, a tool for creating variations and revisions within ad sets, we can rapidly create video iterations and efficiently test ideas, fine-tune how we present the product to consumers, and apply these lessons to future ads. The outcome? A clear and substantial increase in sales for our client.

Why is Podcast Advertising So Effective?

Authenticity, long-term impact, and parasocial relationships between hosts and listeners make podcast advertising a powerful environment for delivering brand messages and driving direct response.

Maximizing Facebook and Instagram Ad Results: Lessons from Meta's Algorithms

With Meta continuing to be the biggest paid social platform, we're testing new tactics and creative styles to help our clients succeed. Here's what you should know about Meta's algorithms and a few key strategies to maximize your results when advertising on Facebook.

How to Improve Conversion Rates: Try These Landing Page Templates

Increasing conversion rates helps your growth member/team scale accounts and increase spend. Other positive impacts of CRO can include an increase in average order value, increased revenue, and decreased bounce rates.

What is the ideal ad frequency rate for successful OTT advertising campaigns?

We’re often asked about the impact of high ad frequency on OTT advertising campaigns and how to optimize it for maximum performance. Our OTT experts looked at recent campaign data to illustrate the impact and share strategies to avoid ad fatigue and outline the benefits of retargeting and programmatic media buying to control the frequency cap and achieve campaign success.

The Power of Streaming and Linear TV for Mobile App Marketing

“Screen stacking” has opened up a unique opportunity for advertisers to leverage the power of streaming and linear TV to capture consumers' attention and drive app downloads.